Friday, February 27, 2009

Win some spending money !! Anyone can play's free ! Starts on April 1st 2009 !

 Easter egg hunt on !

(the entry form is at the bottom of his text)

What is this ?

Well hopefully it will be a very fun event that will benefit everyone in a different way.
Lots of Artfire studio's are participating and the Eatser Bunny is hiding an Easter egg in each of their shops. It's up to you to find them and fill your "basket".

How do you play?

You will find (on this blog) a form for this contest. This contains tips to help you navigate and find all the Easter Eggs.
When you find them all you will find that each egg has a letter on it ( or the word "space" ) !
Use all the letters to make a sentence. 
The sentence has to be in exact order to score all points.
Even if you manage to assemble a sentence different from mine ( always a possibility I guess) with all those letters it will not be counted as correct. 

When you start assembling the sentence you will see when it is correct :) ....( now that is a seriously big tip )
Fill in the answer form and submit.


The Easter Egg hunt starts on April 1st 2009 and will run for 3 weeks ! You have plenty of time to find the answer.

The participating studio's will be hiding their eggs in fun locations around their will receive a hint to find them.

Don't start looking now :) The eggs won't appear until April 1st !

What can you win ?

highest score : 50$ giftvoucher 
second highest : 20$ giftvoucher
third highest : 10$ giftvoucher

These vouchers can be spent in all the participating studio's ! So plenty of choice .

So while you're looking for the eggs you might as well look around for goodies you might want to purchase with your vouchers should you win one !

All participating studio's are looking forward to your visit and will welcome you with open arms ..and an egg !
Each studio has a "contact" button should you have any questions about the products they sell.
If you are not a member of Artfire you can make purchases without the need to register. It makes things a bit easier for you.

If you have any questions , just leave a comment after this topic and I will answer asap. 


ps1 : if you find an egg with the word "space" on it ...use it !'s helpful when you are assembling your'll know how many words you have to find then.

ps2 : It's a bit like wheel of fortune ( except that here everything is scrambled)... you can guess if you don't find all the letters ..but you get a higher score if you fill in the answer form correctly :)

ps3 : the answer form will be available on this blog on APRIL 1st joke :)

ps4 : a list of participating studio's will be available when the hunt is finished, as well as the results. All answers will be submitted in a google document at the time you hit "submit" on the answer form. They will be date and time stamped . This document can be shared with anyone after the contest is finished, if you feel the need to check the answers and scores. 


Fru Babsan said...

I don't quite understand. Where do I sign up?

Moonstone said...

all you have to do is send me an email and you'll be contacted :)

djStoreRoom said...

Wow... Tis is exciting!!


spinndiva said...

How can my studio participate? :)

Moonstone said...

I'm sorry spinndiva , all studio's spaces are full. You can still play though ! as of april first the hunt for eggs is on :)

jinx1764 said...

I'm glad links from my blog are starting! I posted yesterday and send out messages to everyone I know.

Moonstone said...

I don't publish comments that refer to a specific studio ...that will give away the answers :)

But I can tell you that all studio's are active and have been checked.
If you cannot open a page please hit refresh after a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

so curious LOL it says "ps3 : the answer form will be available on this blog on APRIL 1st joke :)" But I don't see any blog updates! Am I missing the obvious?!?

Moonstone said...

I'm afraid you are missing the obvious :)
the answer form is the purple text " here is the entry form " and there is also a link at the top right.
But thank you for the remark..I will add an update !

missknits said...

wow ok i finally found all the letters! but wow unscrambling is gonna be a beast of a job! lol

Heron Moon Designworks said...

Wow - I got all the letters and spaces, but it seems impossible to make the sentence without some kind of clue other than that when you are done, it will look correct! I think it will take the rest of my life to solve this! I was excited as I found each letter but now I'm bummed at how hard this seems. But I did buy some nice artwork. :)

Moonstone said...

just shuffle them around until you get words .. you will see the obvious words !!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we enter more than once?

Moonstone said...

yes , entering more than once is no problem !!